Inground Pool Construction and Trees: Common Questions

a pool with a slide and trees in the background.

As you are considering constructing an in-ground vinyl liner pool in your backyard, and are making specific plans, one of the first of many decisions you need to make is the location of the pool. The location of the pool in your yard may require removal of some trees, and you will need to have a strategy for this step in the process. Not only will you need to remove trees that are in the footprint of where the pool will be but also trees that are near the pool construction. 

Prestige Pools of NC works with people who are constructing pools in their yards every day. As part of the pool building process, we determine which trees need to be removed that are within proximity to the location of the pool. This article answers some of the common questions we hear from our clients regarding tree removal.

How Do I Know Which Trees to Remove?

You may want to keep all of the trees in your yard but, depending on where they are, you will probably need to remove some. Many pool construction companies recommend removing trees that are within 15 feet from the pool’s edge. To be safe, you should construct a pool outside the perimeter of a tree’s upper canopy. Trees that bear fruit and nuts also attract unwanted critters.  If there are any large branches in the canopy that overshoot the pool and can drop leaves, nuts, and other debris into the water, those should be removed by a professional tree removal company. 

Also, consider the amount of shade/sun that will be on the pool. A lot of shade will make the water cooler, of course, while a lot of sun will make the pool warmer. If you want to use your pool earlier or later in the season, you may not want the water to be too cool due to the amount of shade.

Should I Remove Trees Before Beginning Construction of the Swimming Pool?

It is easier and less expensive to remove trees before the construction of the pool begins. You definitely need to remove the trees that are in the footprint of your pool and in close proximity, along with the stumps. When stumps are left, they rot and decompose over time, which creates instability in the soil. This affects the pool by causing problems such as shifting, cracking, and tearing the vinyl liner. 

Will Swimming Pool Construction Damage the Root System of Existing Trees?

Construction of an in-ground vinyl-lined pool requires heavy equipment to excavate, which can damage tree roots. This is a good reason for the 15-foot rule for the location of trees. Arborists recommend having a protection zone with a radius of one foot for each inch of a trunk’s diameter. Factors in how far a tree’s roots go are size, age, and type of the tree.

How Can I Protect the Trees Left In My Yard?

You will need to protect the trees that are left in your yard during pool construction. Damage that occurs to the trunks, branches, and roots can lead to tree death. Place a plastic fence around the tree branches’ drip line to protect the roots and trunk from being hit with equipment accidentally. Once the pool construction is complete, you can remove the fencing. Fencing will also protect against ground compacting from the construction equipment. If some compacting occurs, you can aerate the soil for remedy.

Will Tree Roots Damage My Pool in the Future?

With vinyl liner pools, there is a greater risk of damage due to tears caused by roots, whereas other types of pools such as concrete will have less damage from tree roots. Additionally, the surrounding area of the pool can be vulnerable to roots over time. It is best that the “surround” is at least six feet away from the trunk in order to protect it from tree roots.

Can I Plant New Trees After Pool Construction?

The answer is “Yes.” You will need to have a proper space of 20 feet away from the edge of your pool. This amount of space gives the roots plenty of room to grow in the years to come. Avoid planting trees with aggressive root systems near the pool. Maple trees, oak trees, and elm trees are examples of trees with aggressive roots.

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