What To Do If Your Pool’s Vinyl Liner is Wrinkled

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Vinyl pool liners are great because they are economical, easy to maintain, give you lots of choices for design, and provide substantial warranties. When you have a vinyl pool liner, however, one issue you may have to deal with is wrinkling.  Wrinkles in your pool’s vinyl liner are not only unsightly but can also cause tears and holes if not corrected.

Wrinkles in the vinyl liner are fairly common and can develop suddenly or slowly over time. Wrinkles can also develop during installation if the liner isn’t measured correctly or the orientation is off.  So, you’ll need to be aware of the causes for the wrinkles, what you can do to correct and prevent them.

In this article, we cover the situations that can cause your pool’s vinyl lining to wrinkle and what you can do to fix the wrinkles. At Prestige Pools, we are trained to take care of vinyl liners with wrinkles. Let us help you in maintaining your pool and extending the life of the liner.

Reasons for Wrinkles in Your Vinyl Pool Liner

An incorrect liner size

If the installer has not measured correctly, you can end up with wrinkles in the pool liner. If the liner is too big or too deep, then there is excess material in the liner and it will fold over and wrinkle.

Low pool water pH

When your pool water pH is consistently below 7.0 over a long period of time, the liner can shrink slightly because the water is too acidic.

Pool water loss

If the pool loses water from a leak or from being pumped out, the vinyl liner contracts and causes wrinkles.

Cold pool water

Colder temperatures can cause the liner to harden and wrinkle.

Water under the liner

If you experience high water tables from heavy rainfall or excessive water in the soil around the pool, the water can cause a liner to float and bulge. When the waters recede, the liner can get wrinkles.

Undissolved granular pool chemicals

If you have dropped granular pool chemicals that are not dissolved directly onto the vinyl liner or if chlorine tables have rested on the liner, the liner can pucker.


If there are small water leaks in the liner, you can get water underneath. This water can cause the liner to rise up and wrinkle.

Poor installation

A poor installation of the vinyl liner can cause wrinkles. If the liner is not the correct size or if it is oriented poorly during the installation, the liner can be wrinkled.


Fixes for Vinyl Pool Liner Wrinkles

When you notice wrinkles in your vinyl liner, take action. The longer wrinkles are allowed to set, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

Fill the pool and walk on the liner

If the pool has sat for a long period of time, especially if the water level is low, replace it with fresh water. Slowly work out the wrinkles as the pool is filling. Put on some soft-soled shoes and walk across the wrinkles, taking care to stretch the wrinkles from one side to the other. This usually corrects smaller wrinkles.

Use a plunger

For wrinkles that are a bit tougher to remove, get out a clean toilet plunger. Placing the plunger on either side of the wrinkle can pull the liner and remove the wrinkle.

Increase the water temperature

If your location experiences colder temperatures, it can cause the liner to wrinkle. Heat the water to 92 degrees Fahrenheit to soften the liner and then try walking on the wrinkles, using the toilet plunger, or working the wrinkles with a pool brush.

Drain the pool

If you have large pool liner wrinkles, you need to remove the water from the pool. Leave between one and four inches of water on the liner. Pull the liner to the sides of the pool to tighten the floor of the liner. Then refill the pool.

Check for leaks

If you see that the vinyl liner has bulges in places, then you need to check for leaks. If you locate any leaks, drain the pool and patch them properly. After patching the leaks, you can work on the wrinkles.

Replace the liner

If your vinyl pool liner has wrinkles that you can’t remove, you may need to replace the liner. Sometimes you just can’t get the wrinkles out. When this happens, you will need a new liner. Make sure you work with an experienced installer that does a proper job. You certainly don’t want wrinkles shortly after the installation of a new liner!

Get a professional

If you find that you have to drain the pool regularly and are continually trying to fix wrinkles, you may be harming the structure of the pool. If this is the case, contact the professionals at Prestige Pools for a replacement.

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