5 Amazing Benefits of Building a Backyard Pool

a backyard with a pool and patio furniture.

Making a Splash in Your Backyard Oasis Have you ever wondered why your backyard feels a tad incomplete during those long, warm Clayton, NC summers? Or how you could elevate your home’s leisure and value with a single addition? This guide is your treasure map to uncover the myriad benefits that a pool in your […]

How to Fix and Prevent Pool Liner Wrinkles

a pool with a hose attached to the side of it.

Smooth Sailing Through Pool Liner Care Have you ever glanced at your pool and noticed it looks less like a refreshing oasis and more like it’s been through a wringer? Or perhaps you’ve felt the unexpected texture of wrinkles in the pool liner underfoot while expecting smooth sailing? You’re about to embark on a journey […]

12 Pool-Building Tips: What to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool

20 x 43 x 28 True L vinyl liner pool w grey plastic steps and benches

Making a Splash in Pool Planning: Your Blueprint for Backyard Bliss Ever wondered if the dream of having your own pool in Raleigh is within reach? Or perhaps pondered over the complexities involved in transforming your backyard into a refreshing retreat with a vinyl liner pool in Raleigh? This post is tailored to answer these […]

How Long Does It Take To Install An In-Ground Pool?

a backyard with a swimming pool and patio furniture.

If you are considering installing an in-ground vinyl liner pool, in order to better plan you should look at the length of time it takes to install from start to finish. You will need to know the timeframe so you can be sure to start the project with enough time to have it done when […]

Inground Pool Construction and Trees: Common Questions

a pool with a slide and trees in the background.

As you are considering constructing an in-ground vinyl liner pool in your backyard, and are making specific plans, one of the first of many decisions you need to make is the location of the pool. The location of the pool in your yard may require removal of some trees, and you will need to have […]

How to Select the Right Pool Shape for your Yard

a backyard with a pool surrounded by landscaping.

The best part about customizing a vinyl liner pool for your backyard is that you have a variety of options to choose from. One of the most important customizable features of a pool is the pool shape. The vast variety of pool shapes available in the market can be exciting, however, selecting the right pool […]

How to Clean a Green Pool

a pool with a boat and trees.

If your pool is full of green water, you know that you have to take care of the problem that is causing it before anyone can enjoy being in the pool! A green pool looks gross and can seem to happen overnight. Don’t fret! You can correct it, usually within a few days. Our experts […]

Sand Pool Filters v/s Cartridge Pool Filters

a couple of children in a pool.

The filter is central to the water circulation system for your in-ground vinyl liner pool. Your pool filter moves the water in the pool and catches particles and debris that will cause the water to be murky and unhealthy. This is important if you want to keep your pool looking new with clean and safe […]

What to Look for in a Concrete Pool Decking Contractor

a pool with chairs around it.

A very important piece of an inground pool installation is creating the pool decking, which is an integral part of the entire focal point that is the pool. Pool decking is the surface installed around the perimeter of your pool that creates a space for poolside furniture or areas to relax out of the water. […]

Wake County Residential Swimming Pool Regulations

a close up of water.

In order for residential swimming pools to be safe, the state of North Carolina and Wake County have regulations you must follow. Knowing what these rules are before installing a project will be important in order for you to be sure you are in compliance with codes. For example, permits and inspections are required for […]

Residential Swimming Pool Regulations in Johnston County

a colorful beach ball floating in a pool.

Steps to Building a Pool in Johnston County, North Carolina In order for residential swimming pools to be safe, the state of North Carolina as well as individual counties and townships have regulations you must follow. Knowing what these rules are before installing a project will be important in order for you to be sure […]

How Building a Swimming Pool Affects Homeowner’s Insurance

a swimming pool with a lawn and chairs.

When you are making plans to build a beautiful pool in your backyard and dreaming of the oasis it will provide, you have many things to think about and decisions to make. Such decisions as the type of pool (e.g., vinyl liner pool or concrete pool), the size, the pool shape, the decking, the cost, […]

How to Choose the Right Size In-Ground Swimming Pool

a pool with chairs around it.

You have many decisions to make and options to consider when you are installing an in-ground, vinyl-liner swimming pool. One of the main things to decide on is the size of the pool. How do you know the appropriate size your swimming pool should be? What considerations should you include in your decision-making process? There […]

Vinyl Liner Pool Customization Options

a backyard with a pool surrounded by landscaping.

If you are planning to have a vinyl liner pool built, you don’t have to settle for a plain pool with no personality. Vinyl liner pools have many options available for customization so your pool is a beautiful enhancement to your backyard living area. At Prestige Pool of NC, we build customized pools tailored to […]

How to Winterize Your Pool’s Water Features

a pool with a fountain and a fence.

As the days grow shorter and temperatures begin to drop, it is time to accept that summer is slowly coming to an end. Of course, you have made the most of your vinyl liner swimming pool, spending hours enjoying the cool crystal clear water – but now that winter is on its way, there is […]

Things to Consider for Your Pool as Fall Approaches Winter

a close-up of a blue pool.

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we have left summer behind and are quickly approaching winter.  If you don’t currently have a pool but are thinking about a pool for next summer, there are some things to consider now. However, if you do have a pool, spending time in your vinyl liner […]

Maintaining Your Pool During the Winter Months Without Closing It

a pool with lights in the snow.

You probably love looking at your vinyl liner pool. A pool can be so pretty with the blue water and the surrounding landscaping. It is soothing to just look at it, without even going in it.  That being said, closing your in-ground pool and off-season care is a crucial part of pool ownership. You can […]

How to Keep Your Pool Looking New

a swimming pool with a fence.

Do you remember when your pool was brand new? It was a beautiful sight to behold. The crystal clear water. The clean decking. Just looking at it made you so proud and all you wanted was to be in the pool! And, if you weren’t around when the pool was built, you can imagine how […]

Balancing Pool Chemicals for Different Seasons

a close up of a leaf on the ground.

As we move out of summer and into fall, you will be using your vinyl liner pool less frequently. Even so, keeping your chemicals properly balanced moving into fall is just as important as it has been in the summer. Maintaining your pool during the cool months of autumn and preparing it for the cold […]

How To Clean a Vinyl Liner Pool

a close up of water.

Keeping your vinyl liner pool clean is important to keep it functioning properly and increase its lifespan. As the weather gets warmer and your pools get into frequent use, they are bound to become dirty. Warm weather also encourages the growth of algae. If you don’t properly maintain or clean your pool, you not only […]

Things to Consider When Building an In-Ground Pool

a pool with a waterfall and a fire hydrant.

There are quite a few decisions that you’ll need to make before you begin the construction of an in-ground pool. The whole process can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but if you take it one step at a time, you’ll be “in the clear” and ready to put your pool in the ground before […]

Supply Chain Issues in the Pool Industry

a man in a yellow shirt is cleaning a pool.

Currently, we are suffering through a perfect storm that has created supply chain issues in just about every industry you can think of, and the pool business is no exception. Whether it is automobiles, manufacturing goods, or services, problems getting the supplies needed to build or produce end products are rampant and severe. Difficulty obtaining […]

Vinyl Liner Pool Basics

a backyard with a swimming pool and patio furniture.

Vinyl liner pools are the most affordable type of in-ground pools on the market. They are popular, not only because of being affordable, but also because they are beautiful, comfortable, and easy to keep clean. This type of pool has many benefits such as durability, easy installation, and a wide variety of colors and patterns […]

Tips to Caring for Your Vinyl Liner Pool

a pool with chairs around it.

We know you love your vinyl liner pool–it’s attractive, strong, and durable. Vinyl liners are designed and produced to last a long time. But, for it to last and look as beautiful as it did when you first installed the pool, you have to maintain it properly. At Prestige Pools, we specialize in vinyl-lined pools. […]

A Guide to Vinyl Liners for In-Ground Pools

a large swimming pool surrounded by a patio.

If you are in the process of shopping for an in-ground pool installation and are considering a vinyl liner pool, this guide is a helpful tool. You probably have questions about the information you are reading about vinyl liners. Questions like what is a mil, how thick should my vinyl liner be, what does embossing […]

How to Keep Your Vinyl Liner Pool Clean

a person using a vacuum to clean a pool.

The weather is getting warmer and you’re ready to start enjoying your vinyl-lined pool!  You’ve waited through a long winter and nothing sounds better than relaxing in that beautiful clear water. But, before you open the pool up for the season and hop in it the first time, making sure your pool is clean and […]

Benefits of Vinyl Liner Pools

a backyard with a pool surrounded by a fence.

The benefits of vinyl liner pools are significant, including adding value to your Raleigh home. You have some choices in the type of pool you put in your backyard. Knowing the pros and cons of each type will help you in making a decision on the type of inground pool to build. A pool creates […]

Benefits of a Vinyl Lined Pool Versus Fiberglass

a large swimming pool surrounded by a stone patio.

With warm weather coming, you may be thinking about making good on that promise you made to your family for an in-ground pool this summer. If so, now you need to decide on what type of pool to construct. When comparing a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass pool, you should consider the pros and […]

Best Ways to Make Your Pool Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

If you want to reduce the energy costs of operating your pool, there are certain things you can do that will decrease your energy consumption. Not only will decreasing your energy usage benefit you financially but it will also help the environment. A study done in 2008 by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that, […]

What To Do If You Get Black Algae in Your Pool

Black algae in your vinyl pool is a significant health hazard. You should know how to spot it, ban the use of the pool immediately, and take the necessary steps to get rid of it! Black algae can make your family, friends, and your pets sick by just swimming in water that is infected. But, […]

Closing Your In-Ground Pool and Off-Season Care

a pool with a gazebo next to a white fence.

Taking some time to close your in-ground vinyl liner pool correctly, and then caring for the pool during the off-season, will make opening it next spring easier and less costly. When you have a pool, you know how wonderful it is to open it in the spring and have the pool be in perfect shape. […]

Saltwater vs. Freshwater Pools

a large swimming pool with steps leading up to it.

There might be some confusion when it comes to choosing between Saltwater or Freshwater for your pool, but we are here to help. Find out the pros and cons for both Saltwater and Freshwater Pools so you can make the right choice when it comes to your own pool!

Current Business Operations During COVID-19

a swimming pool with steps leading up to it.

COVID-19 has caused a lot of worry and changes in our daily lives. It has also impacted us when comes to how we operate as a business. Learn more about our current business operations during COVID-19.