Simple Ways to Reduce Chlorine Consumption for your Pool

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Chlorine is an integral aspect of a swimming pool. It not only balances its water chemistry but also prevents contamination of any germs. But while chlorine is essential for the proper functioning of a pool, there is such a thing as too much chlorine. At Prestige Pools we pride ourselves in our expertise on vinyl liner pools. We’re here to help you find the perfect balance of chlorine in your pool and how to reduce its consumption.

What’s Wrong With Too Much Chlorine?

Chlorine is mainly associated with a pool’s hygiene. There are many advantages of having a chlorine water pool. So what’s wrong with too much of it? A high level of chlorine can decrease the pH of your pool’s water. This, in turn, causes a rise in acidity. Acidic water can cause corrosion, damaging metal piping, liners, tiles, and any other pool accessories.

High levels of chlorine also pose several health risks. Too much chlorine can irritate the eyes and skin, and even cause lung damage. This is specifically dangerous for people with asthma, as it can aggravate their breathing condition. Chlorine is also known to bleach hair and cause it to become flaky and dry.

How Do I Know If The Chlorine Level Is Too High?

The only way to determine if your pool’s chlorine level is actually high is by testing it. The appropriate chlorine level of pool water should be between 1-3 ppm (parts per million). A level below 1.0 ppm indicates your water is not sanitized enough and could potentially be contaminated with germs. Any level beyond 3.0 ppm means your water is over-chlorinated.

You should ideally test the water at least twice a week at home. Several testing kits are available which are efficient, user-friendly, and can determine if you are balancing the chemicals in your pool. Experts recommend bringing a sample of the water to your local dealer at least once a month to have it checked.

Ways To Reduce Chlorine Consumption

Maintain Cyuranic Acid

Cyuranic acid is considered to be an excellent chlorine stabilizer. The right amount of cyuranic acid in your pool will help chlorine last longer, and it in turn reduces your pool’s chlorine consumption. Test your pool water to ensure the cyuranic acid level is between 30-50ppm.

Maintain pH Level

Results of using less chlorine in a pool

The chlorine and pH levels in your pool water have a delicate balance. The power of chlorine varies with the pH level. A higher pH level decreases chlorine’s ability to kill germs effectively. A low pH, in turn, burns chlorine rapidly. To maintain this precarious balance, the pH of the pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.6. While this will ensure thewater’s chlorine consumption is reduced, it will also guarantee that the pool is properly sanitized.


Use Algaecides

Algaecides are biocides used for killing and preventing the growth of algae. The usage of algaecides at least once a week will help prevent pool water from any algae contamination. This, in turn, can reduce the usage of chlorine. 


Keep Pool Clean


One of the ways in which you can reduce your pool’s chlorine consumption is by keeping it clean. Cleaning the filters on a monthly basis ensures that they are working efficiently and removes the build-up of any waste which would have required more chlorine in your pool. One of the simplest things you can do is regularly brush the pool surface and vacuum. Keeping the pool surface clean will prevent the formation of any bacteria or germs. Additionally, it is also better to keep your pool running. Standing water is a breeding ground for unwanted germs and bacteria. Running water will keep the filters in active use and flush out more unwanted materials. 

Maintain Personal Hygiene

While your pool’s cleanliness can affect its chlorine consumption, so can your own hygiene. Every time you step into your pool, you could potentially be bringing millions of bacteria with you. The more the pool water is contaminated, the more chlorine it will require. To prevent this, try to shower before each swim. Not only will this bring a more refreshing aspect to your swim, but will add to your struggle to keep the pool uncontaminated. 

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