Should You Install a Pool While Building Your New Home?

a swimming pool with a metal hand rail.


If you’re in the market for a new home, and you’re debating building on a lot or buying an existing home, we wanted to offers some information that could help you in your decision. If you are going to add a pool to your home, now or in the future, then there are some factors to that you should consider. That may seem when weighing your decision of buying vs building, but our pool installation company in Raleigh wanted to walk you through how it could play a bigger role in your decision than you think!

Installing an Inground Pool During New Construction

If you plan on building a home and you want to have a pool built, you can have both projects happening concurrently. While this may seem like chaos – building a house AND a pool? – it’s actually much more convenient than you may think!

Installing a pool while building a home is generally much easier than installing one when the home is already finished and your family is living there. First, you’ll have more opportunities for customization, especially where the size and shape is concerned because there won’t be any barriers in the way. Your builder and pool company can work together to ensure there is an appropriate amount of space between the house and where the inground pool will be going even reducing the amount of front yard space to ensure there’s ample room in the backyard, if that’s your preference.

It’s also important to factor in what pool installation entails. Because an inground pool has to be dug out, heavy equipment needs to be brought in to complete the work. Then, depending on whether you’re having a vinyl liner pool or a concrete pool, more installation equipment and trucks may need access to your back yard. This generally isn’t a big deal on a lot that’s already a construction zone. However, when there’s already completed landscaping and a fence has been installed, getting the equipment in place and making sure any damage to your property is minimal is a bit more complicated.

Pool Installation at an Existing Home

If you’re considering buying a home and having a pool installed or having your home built first, then installing the pool, that can absolutely be done. It’s just important to note that the process presents significantly more challenges.

The pool design itself may not be as large or the shape that you originally envisioned due to limitations caused by where your house is located or any structures that have been added to your property. Again, our pool installation company in Raleigh can almost always find a solution, but it is a factor that is often not present when building a new pool with new construction.

Having to access the lot and create a pathway around the home that allows the heavy equipment the access they need can be challenging, and the potential for property damage is more significant. While we always strive to leave your yard, fence, and other areas looking as close to what they were before you got the pool, we can’t always guarantee the yard won’t have at least tire tread marks from equipment.

Building a Pool When Lot Sizes Are Shrinking

In Johnston County and areas south of Raleigh, the population is growing rapidly, and new home construction is prevalent. While the square footage of the homes are larger than average, typically, the lot sizes themselves are smaller than some of the older homes in Raleigh and more established areas.

Many of the people we work with in these areas are concerned about the smaller lots preventing them from being able to get a pool, but if the house hasn’t been built yet, that gives you and us more opportunity to design and place the pool that will turn your home into the getaway you deserve.

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