How to Select the Right Pool Shape for your Yard

a backyard with a pool surrounded by landscaping.

The best part about customizing a vinyl liner pool for your backyard is that you have a variety of options to choose from. One of the most important customizable features of a pool is the pool shape. The vast variety of pool shapes available in the market can be exciting, however, selecting the right pool shape for your backyard can also seem overwhelming. 

While some pool buyers already know what pool shape they are opting for, others can get confused about the right fit. Prestige Pools of NC offers various vinyl liner pool shapes. We’re sharing what factors to consider when selecting the right pool shape for your yard.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best In-Ground Pool Shape

An in-ground pool is a big investment for your backyard. You want to make sure you’ve thoroughly considered all the factors before deciding upon a pool shape. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should think about before making your decision:

Your Backyard Layout

The foremost thing to consider when choosing a pool shape is your space. Your backyard is where your pool is going to be installed. The size and shape of your backyard will determine what kind of pool shapes you can consider. 

If you have a larger backyard, you can choose from a greater variety of pool shapes. If, however, your backyard is smaller in size, you will want to choose a more compact pool shape. If your backyard has restricted space and you wish to maximize square footage you can consider a rectangular-shaped pool. If your property is irregularly shaped you will be more suited to a free-form-shaped pool. 

You can learn more about the pros and cons of rectangle vs. free-form pools here.

Your Home’s Architecture and Style

right pool shape for backyardWhen installing a pool onto your property, you want to make sure it complements your house. The pool is, after all, an addition to your house. Take a good look at your house’s outer appearance and envision what sort of pool shape will help its features stand out.

If your house has modern features and geometrical designs, an L-shaped or rectangular pool seems like a better fit. If your house has been built with more classical features, perhaps you should consider a mountain lake or lagoon shape. Whatever you select, keep in mind that different architectural styles will suit different pool shapes. 

Your Pool Budget

Before you embark upon your pool installation process, it is always important to set a budget and work accordingly. Your budget can also influence the kind of pool shape you select. A smaller pool shape will cost less and can be more appropriate if you’re working with a limited budget. If, however, budget is not an issue you can consider more intricate and complex in-ground pool shapes. 

Your Pool Usage

You and your family have decided to move forward with an in-ground pool. But, what will you be using it for? The functionality of a pool can determine what pool shape you select.

If you mainly want to use your pool to relax and lounge, take a look at the freeform shapes. If you’re getting a pool for athletic reasons, a rectangular shape will be better for laps.  People who have kids often opt for the True L shape to designate areas for both lounging and laps. 

Your Customizable Features

selecting the right pool shape for your yardOne of the advantages of getting a custom-built pool is that you can add any customizable features you want. While selecting your pool shape, keep in mind any features that you want to add to the pool. 

Examples of such features are waterfalls, bench seating, and handrails. If you have children you can also consider adding a waterslide. Freeform-shaped pools often go well with water slides. Different types of features work well with specific pool shapes. 

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