Rectangle or Free-Form In-Ground Pools: Which Is Best For Your Home?

a close-up of a pool.

There are many things to decide when you are planning on building an in-ground vinyl-lined pool in your backyard. Everything from where to put it, maintenance and cleaning, sunlight exposure, and costs. It’s enough to make your head spin! But, one of the most important aspects of the vision of your new pool is the shape–whether it will be rectangular or free-form. This is what will be most visible–the shape and the aesthetics around the pool like decking and landscaping. How do you decide on the shape of the pool? Is one “better” than the other?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Though most of the time the decision is up to your personal preference, there are some things about each shape that you can consider when making up your mind. At Prestige Pools of NC, we have experience building vinyl liner pools that are both rectangular and free-form.  We can assist you in making this big decision for your new pool.

In this article, you will find some important points to consider for both shapes. But, regardless of whether your pool is round, rectangular, or kidney-shaped, there is a pool that will enhance your outdoor space and create the oasis you are dreaming of!

Rectangular Swimming Pools

Rectangular swimming pools have a clean and modern look, and are more popular than free-form pools. Rectangular is a classic shape that is more traditional and formal due to the clean lines and sharp edges. It truly is a timeless design. If you plan on using the pool to swim laps, you will probably want to go with a rectangular pool.

rectangle pool shape

If the pool will be close to the house, you will want to complement the architecture. Does your house have angles and corners? Does it have rectangular windows and a squared roof line? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” a rectangular pool is probably your best option. But, if your home features curvatures in the roof, windows, or doors, a curved pool may fit best. However, if your pool is more than 50 yards from the house, the architecture is not a major deciding factor.

If you want to have an automatic pool cover, only a rectangular pool accommodates one. If the fence is close to the pool, the shape of the pool may be determined in combination with the fence. Also, consider that the patio design and landscaping can be factors in deciding on the shape of the pool.

Free-Form Swimming Pools

Free-form swimming pools are more natural and are usually designed around your yard’s landscape, blending into the surroundings. A custom look that makes more of a statement can be achieved with a free-form pool.

Free formed shaped pool

A free-form pool lends itself to other aesthetics being added like rocks, waterfalls, and waterslides. You can get creative with a curvy pool in order to have a customized backyard. In many cases, a free-form pool provides more room for you and your guests. A curvy, free-form pool actually makes the yard seem larger by taking up the blank space and incorporating features and shapes.

Pros and Cons of Both Swimming Pool Shapes

Rectangular Shaped Pools


  • More common than free-form pools
  • Rectangular pools cost less to install than free-form pools


  • Rectangular pools are not as natural-looking as free-form pools
  • Rectangular pools can look smaller than they are because of their shape

Free-Form Shaped Pools


  • Free-form pools are more customizable
  • Offers flexibility for games and various activities
  • Better fit for backyards of all shapes and sizes


  • Likely to cost more because of the intricate designs and added features
  • Can be harder to maintain when water features such as fountains, slides, and waterfalls are included

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