Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool

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A vinyl liner pool has the potential to transform your backyard into your own personal oasis. But, before you embark on your pool building process, there are some important questions you should consider. 

You should be well informed of all the technicalities of a swimming pool as well as the short and long-term maintenance plans. It is highly imperative to consider all the options in the market thoroughly before you make a decision. Asking the right questions will help you prepare properly for your vinyl liner. 

Why Do You Want a Swimming Pool?

This is the foremost question you should ask yourself before you step into the swimming pool market. Why do you want a swimming pool? Establishing your reasoning behind getting a swimming pool can greatly determine how your pool will look, what its function will be, and what kind of features it will have.


Are you more interested in athletic swimming? Will your pool just be for leisurely relaxing? Will you be hosting pool parties in the future? Ask yourself your motive behind your quest for a swimming pool and it will clarify a lot of your future decisions. 

Who Will Use The Swimming Pool?

questions to ask before building a poolThe next big consideration to keep in mind is who will be using the swimming pool? This can affect the size, design, and features of the pool you choose.

For instance, if you are a three-person family, you will be inclined towards building a smaller-sized pool. However, if you plan to host large groups of friends and family in your pool, you should consider building a larger-sized pool. 

If children will be frequent users of the pool, you will have to incorporate a shallow swimming area. Similarly, if elderly people will be using the pool make sure to add rails for easy access. 

Where Do You Want The Pool To Be Located?

It might not seem so, but the location of your swimming pool can have a great impact. The location of your pool should be accessible, but also comfortable. You don’t want to be exposed to harsh sunlight when relaxing in your pool. Similarly, you also don’t want a location with a lot of shade.

It is also helpful to locate your swimming pool near a water source to make filling and draining easier. Take these considerations seriously, otherwise, you might be stuck with an ill-placed swimming pool in the future.

What Are The Local Permits and Zoning Laws?

A big factor that determines the location of your swimming pool is your local zoning law. Different areas have different laws that could impact the runoff and size of your swimming pool. In some areas, zoning laws require every swimming pool to be fenced.

Take some time to understand what is required for a pool permit and learn about your local zoning laws. Oftentimes, your swimming pool company can also help you acquire local permits and save you from the hassle. 

What Will Be The Shape of The Swimming Pool?

vinyl liner pool shapesNow that you’ve sorted out the legal requirements, you can move on to the aesthetics of your swimming pool. You should ideally choose a swimming pool style that complements the architecture and layout of your backyard and house. 

Vinyl liner pools can be customized to suit your requirements. There is a wide range of vinyl liner pool shapes to choose from. Take some time to browse through a variety of pool shapes and choose one that complements your backyard but is also functional.

How Much Will It Cost?

Building an inground swimming pool is a big investment and one that needs to be considered carefully. As you develop your plans, you should consider; how much does it cost to build a swimming pool

In terms of cost, there is a wide range in price because of the variety of options available. You should consider both the initial cost of building the swimming pool and the lifetime costs associated with it. The lifetime cost is what you spend after the purchase on maintenance, replacements, and repairs. Once you’ve considered the costs of owning a swimming pool, you can start the building process.

What Features Will Be Included?

These days, swimming pools are not boring in the least. They can come with a variety of features and amenities to make your swimming experience fun and enjoyable.

Before building your swimming pool, take some time to think about what features you want to include in your pool. Perhaps, you’d like an underwater bench or net to play water volleyball. You can even choose to incorporate a sound system and LED lights to enhance your swimming experience. Keep these considerations in mind and convey them clearly to the contractor so he can include them in your plan. 

Will The Swimming Pool Be Energy-Efficient?

Running a swimming pool does not necessarily have to be expensive. If you want your swimming pool to be energy efficient, there are certain changes you can make to decrease your energy consumption

You can choose to add a variable speed pump to save more water. You can also install a pool cover to reduce evaporation. It is, thus, important to think about making your pool energy-efficient and eco-friendly early on so you can incorporate these changes into your plan. 

How Will You Maintain The Swimming Pool?

Owning a pool is not just about using it. The maintenance of a swimming pool is essential to its proper functioning and long levity. Before you build your swimming pool, you should carefully think about its short and long-term maintenance plans. 

You can opt to hire a cleaning service or purchase automatic pool cleaners. By considering a maintenance plan for your pool early on, you can better estimate your monthly costs and budgets. 


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