Pool Cleaners: Robot VS Suction

a person using a vacuum to clean a pool.

The cleanliness of your vinyl liner pool plays a vital role in ensuring you make the most of its experience. Your pool is bound to collect debris, leaves, and any amount of other substances that could affect its tidiness. Keeping your vinyl liner pool clean is a part of its necessary maintenance. 

Hiring pool cleaning services is one way to keep your pool clean but that comes with additional costs. Manually scrubbing your pool floors can be a laborious and time taking procedure. Automatic pool cleaners are, however, an affordable and convenient way to keep your pool looking clean and healthy. 

Types of Automatic Cleaners

With regard to automatic cleaners, there are two types of options you have in the market:

  1. Suction Cleaners
  2. Robot Cleaners

We’re sharing extensive details about each kind of cleaner to help you make an informed decision regarding the cleanliness of your pool!

Suction Cleaners

Suction Pool CleanerSuction pool cleaners are an efficient and cost-effective way to keep your pool clean. The functionality of these cleaners revolves around their attachment to the pool’s skimmer box. Moving around in a random pattern, suction cleaners rely on the suction of the pump to clean the debris and leaves off the pool floor, walls, and steps.


Pros of Suction Cleaners

  • Since suction cleaners are left inside the pool, they ensure the pool water is thoroughly circulated and ready to be used.
  • These cleaners don’t require much maintenance as you can just set them in the pool and forget!
  • Suction cleaners are good at cleaning nooks and hard to reach areas.

Cons of Suction Cleaners

  • Suction cleaners cannot be used when the weather temperature is below 70 degrees.
  • To operate, suction cleaners require the pool pump to be functioning properly.
  • Since suction cleaners rely on your pump, they can overburden the filter and cause it to clog. This will lead to the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Since they need to be left in the pool water, suction cleaners take longer to get the cleaning job done. 

Robot Cleaners

Robot cleaners operate on much more advanced technology and run independently without any assistance from pool filters. The function of robot pool cleaners depends on a low voltage motor that you can power by plugging into any standard GFCI outlet. 

Robot pool cleaners have their own filters, and thus do not put any strain on the pool’s existing components. The robot can technologically map out the layout of the pool and scape it to ensure no debris remains on the pool floors. Although they cost much more than the average pool cleaner, they save money in the long run due to low maintenance. 

Pros of Robot Cleaners

  • Robot cleaners can be accessed through an app on a smartphone.
  • Since they have their own filters they do not cause unnecessary wear and tear to any pool equipment. 
  • Robot cleaners possess programmable features that allow you to set their path and time. 

Cons of Robot Cleaners

  • Robot cleaners are not equipped to handle big messes such as storm aftermaths.
  • These pool cleaners are heavy and so it can be difficult to pull them out of the pool. 
  • The upfront cost of robot cleaners is much higher and requires a greater investment compared to other kinds of cleaners. 

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