Maintaining Your Pool During the Winter Months Without Closing It

a pool with lights in the snow.

You probably love looking at your vinyl liner pool. A pool can be so pretty with the blue water and the surrounding landscaping. It is soothing to just look at it, without even going in it. 

That being said, closing your in-ground pool and off-season care is a crucial part of pool ownership.

You can learn how to winterize your vinyl liner pool before closing it for the season, but there is another option.

What if we told you that you can still enjoy the beauty of your pool during the cold winter months? That’s right, it isn’t difficult to keep your pool open. We have some easy steps for you to follow so that you can maintain your pool during the winter months without closing it, and continue to enjoy the view!

maintaining your pool during the winter without closing it

Instructions for Keeping Your Pool Open During the Winter

Keep the pool clean from debris

  • Continue to check the skimmer and pump baskets for leaves so the water is clean from debris.
  • Continue to use the net to clean the pool bottom in order to keep leaves from staining the liner.

Remove Cleaner from Pool

Remove the cleaner from your pool and unscrew the vacuum lock on the inside of the pool. Be sure to store your cleaner inside so it is not exposed to the elements in the off-season.

Open Pump Valves

Be sure that all of the pump valves are in the open position in front of the pump.

Change the Pump Schedule

Change the vinyl-liner pool pump schedule to run only 5 to 6 hours a day.

Keep the Water Level Normal

Backwash the pool periodically to keep the pool water at a normal level, which is halfway on the skimmer.

Do Not Add Chemicals

This is simple: do not add any chemicals.

For Water Features

If you have a water feature, you should blow out the line and then leave the water feature valve closed.

Omit the Lights

If you have lights on a schedule, delete the schedule for the winter.

Chlorine Isn’t Necessary

Your salt cell won’t make chlorine at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But, algae doesn’t grow when the temperature is below 50 degrees, so you don’t need chlorine during the winter.

In the Spring

If you keep your pool open during the winter months, be prepared in the spring to add 5 or more bags of salt as well as calcium, alkalinity, and conditioner to balance the pool water again.

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