Benefits of Vinyl Liner Pools

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The benefits of vinyl liner pools are significant, including adding value to your Raleigh home. You have some choices in the type of pool you put in your backyard. Knowing the pros and cons of each type will help you in making a decision on the type of inground pool to build. A pool creates a luxurious aspect to your home in addition to giving you a lifestyle that provides fun and relaxation with family and friends. Years ago you were limited to an aqua rectangle for your pool. But, those days are past and the options are seemingly endless in creating a space that works with the overall appearance of your home and is unique. Today you can have customized pool designs incorporating almost any shape and color along with hardscapes that make your yard a point of interest.

Prestige Pools specializes in building vinyl liner pools. We can talk to you about their advantages and help you design a pool of your own. Some of the benefits of vinyl liner pools are that they are customizable, easy to install, and require less maintenance than other pools just to name a few. Let’s look at seven benefits you’ll get when you have a vinyl liner pool.

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Less Expensive

Vinyl liner pools are much less expensive than concrete and fiberglass pools. Pools are a large investment because the initial cost is usually high and routine maintenance must be done on a regular basis to keep the pool running smoothly and looking great. Vinyl liner pools, however, are the least expensive type of pool to install.

Quick and Easy Installation

A company like Prestige Pools can quickly install a vinyl liner in as short a time as a few weeks, whereas installing a concrete pool can take several months. You will want to enjoy your pool as soon as possible, especially if you are building it close to or during the summer. In this case, go with a vinyl liner pool. Building a deck or patio and other hardscapes may take longer, but the pool is completed quickly.

Low Maintenance

They are also less expensive to maintain because the vinyl liner is nonporous and doesn’t absorb chemicals. Due to the surface of the vinyl liner, algae doesn’t adhere as well and, as a result, you spend less time brushing and cleaning the pool walls.


Durability is one of the biggest benefits of a vinyl liner pool. The material is impervious to harsh winter climates. With the proper care, a liner lasts anywhere between 15 and 20 years.

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Vinyl liner pools provide numerous options for designing a beautiful pool with different shapes and colors. You can even build features like waterfalls, grottos, fiber-optic lighting, underwater speakers, rock slides, diving rocks, and raised beams to give your pool a unique and customized look.

Smooth to the Touch

Vinyl liners are so comfortable when you are in the pool because they have a smooth surface. Unlike a concrete pool, if you fall or slip in the pool, the vinyl liner will prevent scrapes and cuts.

Solid Warranties

A great warranty is important for your peace of mind when you make a large investment in a pool. Vinyl liner pools come with very good warranties from both the manufacturer and the installer.

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